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Through the Taiyo Cabletec Group's two domestic distribution centers, we have constructed a system for swiftly meeting the demands of our customers. Setting up sales engineers at each of our Japanese branches and picking up the needs of our customers, we share information using the latest systems and TV conference equipment and work daily at solving customer issues.
In the Asia Pacific Region as well, we work together with various companies in the TCAP Group and Alliance Partners to deliver products of the same quality as those in Japan.

The Taiyo Cabletec Production System

豊岡工場 島根工場

TC Asia Pacific Holdings' Production System

太陽電線有限公司(蘇州) 太陽電線有限公司(東莞) TAIYO CABLETEC(THAILAND)CO.LTD

Established in 2001, a new factory was set up in 2008. In addition to exporting to Japan, a wide array of products are also delivered to various users in Shanghai and the Suzhou area.

Established in 1997, Taiyo Cable (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. is rated equal to our Japanese factories in terms of its management system for quality, production and the environment. Beginning as a factory for mass producing cables for USB/DVI interfaces, it now produces network cables, Teflon-insulated cables and other high value added products while also carrying out new product development.

Established in 2009, this factory was moved to the Amata Nakom Industrial Estate in April of 2013. Setting up a solid production system, Taiyo Cabletec (Thailand) Co., Ltd. supplies cables to the ever-growing countries of ASEAN.

Production Facilities of Taiyo Cabletec Corporation