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Movable Cables


A robot cable recommended for arm-type robots
This cable has both UL and cUL certifications as well as Listing Standard CL3X and complies with NFPA 70, 79. By using highly elastic TPE resin for the insulation, it achieves a long life of 3 dimensional movement. An ideal cable for articulated robots.
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A fluorine-insulated robot cable
Intended for use on articulated robots, this cable utilizes ETFE (fluorine) for its insulation to increase 3 dimensional bending capabilities and achieve exceptional resistance to oil and heat (105℃), surpassing that of our EXT-II, for a high performance robot cable with excellent transmission potential.
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A robot cable for high-speed cableveyors (best seller)
Since first going on sale in 1996, this cable has maintained a long record of sales and is regarded as a standard for robot cables. Employing a unique conductor originally developed by Taiyo Cabletec, its flexible, exceptionally slidable insulator and sheath achieve a high degree of bendability and allow for easy operation. In particular, it exhibits a superb capacity for use in cableveyors. (Company evaluation of 100 million cycles)
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Global strategy robot cables
By using conductors made with our original, unique twisting method, we have achieved cables with a long lifespan. With exceptionally oil resistant PVC used for the insulation and sheath, these cables are ideal for wiring in high-speed moving parts such as cableveyors. (Company evaluation of 100 million cycles)
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Cables for entry level cableveyors
With UL, cUL and (PS)E certifications, this uses a flexible oil and heat resistant vinyl sheath material. Ideal for wiring in low-speed sliding parts such as cableveyors. (Company evaluation of 5 million cycles)
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Formerly Sunrex Cables
This flexible robot wire uses an ultra-thin conductor. With UL, TUV and (PS)E certifications, this cable is highly evaluated for its excellent workability and exceptional flexibility.
*4/0AWG is not (PS)E standard.
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FA Ethernet<NEW>UL AWMcUL AWMUL Listing*1cUL Listing*1RoHS
This new brand satisfies the movability and oil, heat and noise resistance properties demanded of FA cables along with the transmission properties required of Ethernet cables. It supports every aspect of the production site from factory and machinery wiring to the wiring between equipment and more.
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Cables for Machinery

Sunlight CablesUL AWM*1cUL AWM*1PSE*1*2RoHS
This is made with a flexible, oil and heat resistant vinyl sheath.SX and DX types have UL and cUL certifications, while 300V and 600V types have PSE certifications.
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UL and cUL Standard products(recognition and listing certifications)UL AWMcUL AWMUL ListingcUL Listing
With certification in North American safety standards, this is an ideal product for the internal and external wiring of mechanical equipment.
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CE Marking
In accordance with European standards of safety and under the authorization of TÜV, this control/power cable carries the CE mark and has acquired multiple certifications based on international standards.
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China Compulsory CertificationCCC
This product has acquired China Compulsory Certification (CCC), which is applied to products intended for the Chinese market.
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Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety ActPSE
Complying with the Electrical Appliances and Materials Safety Act, these insulated wires and multicore cables are ideal for wiring in domestic factories and mechanical equipment.
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*1 Only applicable to certain products. Please check the product list for details.
*2 Available for use as "low power circuit equipment" as stated in the Technical Standards for Electrical Equipment.

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