Environmental Initiatives

Corporate Philosophy

In aiming to become a global corporation,
Taiyo Cabletec understands that preservation of the earth's environment is an important issue shared by all humankind and pays special consideration to the global environment in every area of its corporate activities.
Keeping a global perspective,
Taiyo Cabletec continuously and resolutely promotes environmental conservation efforts and,
in all aspects of the development, manufacture and sale of its wires and cables, works to coexist harmoniously with local communities and carry out environmental conservation in all its business ventures.

Environmental Policy

  • Ever aware of the influence corporate activities have on the global environment and responding accordingly,
    we continuously work at improving our environmental conservation efforts.
  • Complying with the laws, ordinances, regulations,
    acts and agreements related to the environment as well as other terms of agreement, customer requests and company standards,
    we set up and carry out environmental objectives and goals and reevaluate these after considering the results.
  • From the development and design stage, we pay due consideration to environmental impact and work to provide products in line with environmental conservation.
  • We promote environmental conservation efforts and carry out the prevention of environmental pollution and implementation of continual improvements.
  • In order to realize the effective application of resources,
    we promote resource conservation and reuse and work to reduce substances carrying an environmental burden.

    (1) Recycling and conservation of resources used at each step of the manufacturing process, etc.
    (2) Reduction and recycling of the waste emitted at each stage.

  • We will conduct employee education and instruction in order to raise the level of awareness concerning environmental conservation and work to improve understanding and recognition of environmental policies and conservation efforts.
  • These environmental policies will be made known to all employees and will be released to the general public upon request.

Taiyo Cabletec Corporation's Environmental Policy is established in accordance with the above.


Acquisition of ISO14001

We have acquired ISO certification at all of our branches.

Certification as a Green Partner

We have been designated as a Green Partner by Sony and Canon.

Inspection system

We have installed fluorescent X-ray spectrometers and adhere to international standards for quality and the environment.