Company History

1923 to 2000

1923Taiyo Cable Co., Ltd. was established
1968Moved factory to Sanda City in Hyogo prefecture and began manufacturing robot cables
1975Began manufacturing cable assemblies
1978Began selling BT-VCT
1981Began selling RVV, RVV-SB
1994Established the Toyooka Factory
1995Established Taiyo Cable (HK) Co., Ltd.
1996Began selling the EXT-II Series
1997Established Taiyo Cable (Dongguan) Co., Ltd.
1923 to 2000

2001 onward

2001Established Taiyo Cable (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
2005Established the Sanda Techno Center and stopped production at the Sanda Factory. Began production at the Shimane Factory
2008Established the Suzhou New Factory, completed 2nd phase construction of the Sanda Techno Center and established the Fukuoka Branch
2008Changed company name from Taiyo Cable Co., Ltd. to Taiyo Cabletec Corporation
2009Established Taiyo Cabletec (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
2011Moved the head office to Umeda in Kita-ku, Osaka
2011Became a subsidiary of TC Asia Pacific Holdings, Ltd.
2013TAIYO CABLETEC (THAILAND) CO. LTD established a new factory in the Amatanakon Industrial Park
2017Merged with the subsidiary TEIKOKU CO.,LTD.
2001 onward