Taiyo Cabletec's Philosophy

A person's value is born when connecting with something.
A person's happiness is nurtured when connecting with someone.
There are various ways to connect value, happiness and hope.
We connect them through cables.

Cables carry electrical signals.
But electricity is not the only thing transmitted.
How can we eliminate noise?
How can we add improved durability?
How can we increase conduction speed?
These inspire our endless ambitions as well as form the mission we must pursue.

Today's cables convert these ambitions and mission into electrical signals and
transmit them throughout Japan and the world at high speed.
And these reach someone waiting to receive them.
We at Taiyo Cabletec use cables to connect the world to all forms of value, happiness and hope.

We connect to the world through cables.

Taiyo Cabletec's Strengths


New potential through group synergy

Harnessing the technological know-how we have accumulated on robot and general-purpose cables, we at Taiyo Cabletec take the changing trends of each generation as new opportunities and, creating a dynamic synergy through a merger of companies, work to realize the demands of our customers.


Designing the future through new endeavors and past achievements

Since our founding in 1923, we have constantly gathered new talent and technological capabilities in our company and challenged ourselves through endeavors into new fields.
As a result, the quality of our advanced technology has been widely recognized and we now enjoy the patronage of numerous customers in the industrial and medical fields.
In the future, we plan to take on new endeavors in the developing fields of environmental assessment and next generation networks.


Faster and more reliable

Since beginning sale of our best-selling EXT-II Series products, we have enjoyed the high esteem of both our domestic and international customers.
This is thanks to our advanced technological capabilities and reliable production system.
In order to deliver products of exceptional quality in a timely manner, we constantly strive to introduce labor-saving initiatives and automize our production processes.
In the future, we will further work to realize a global production system where the same level of quality is promptly delivered from all our group's domestic and international production bases.