Factory wiring (trays)

Factory wiring (control wiring)

Factory wiring (internal factory wiring)



Heat resistance ★★★★★
Oil resistance ★★★★★
Noise resistance ★★★
Flame resistance ★★★★★
Flexibility ★★★
non-migratory ★★★★
Transport property ★★

Characteristics above are only as reference


  • Multi cable for North America.
  • Electric equipment cable with UL and cUL at 600V, 105°C. (Category : QPOR, ZJCZ, ZKHZ, ZJCZ7)
  • Obtaining UL Listed STO, TC and MTW, this cable compliants to NFPA 70 and 79.
  • CE marking (TÜV recognition product)
    (※It is recognized as a cable with the cover based on H05VV-F.)
    (Certificate of TÜV No.J2050492)


  • Heat resistant PVC material is used to insulation.
  • Oil, heat resistant and Flexible PVC sheath material is used.
  • It passes Vertical-Tray Flame Test of UL.

Construction figure

Surface marking


Construction table

  • ※3, 4 core has the [Y/G] earth cable of an equal size.

Allowable ampacity

  • Allowable current of this catalog NFPA70 Table 400.5(A)(1) STO ambient temperature 30°C.
  • For the current correction factor, please refer to the P274.
  • For please confirm the NFPA70(National Electrical cord) and NFPA79(Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery) more use.

Electrical property

※1 The examination of 2000V/5 minute besides the withstand voltage test on the UL standard and the CSA standard that has been described to the top is applied.
※2 Allowable ampacity By National Electrical Code (NEC)
a:Apply to 3-conductor cords and other multiconductor cords connected to utilization equipment so that only 3 conductors are current-carrying.
b:Apply to 2-conductor cords and other multiconductor cords connected to utilization equipment so that only 2 conductors are current-carrying.

Standard sales length