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Factory wiring (control wiring)

Factory wiring (internal factory wiring)

Office (office wiring)



Heat resistance
Oil resistance ★★★★★
Noise resistance
Flame resistance ★★★★
Flexibility ★★★
non-migratory ★★★★★
Transport property ★★

Characteristics above are only as reference


  • AC 300V or less of the environmental type cable as machine tools,construction machinery, applications under harsh conditions, such as a robot power circuit.
  • Oil, flexibility of use.Rated voltage:300V. Temp:60°C.


  • Oil, heat, flame retardant and soft PVC for sheath.
  • Sheath material is non-migratory against ABSand PS resin.
  • Chemical, water, abrasion, cold resistancePVC for sheath.
  • Flame resisting : UL VW-1.
  • 0.75mm2~5.5mm2 cables conform toElectrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.
    (0.5mm2 cables used in less than 100V outof Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law)

Construction figure

Surface marking


Construction table

Note:Six times of outer diameter is needed when you bend cables, and more diameter is needed when you bend cables repeatedly by cable reel, curtain, etc.

○:Indicates Make-to-order products.

Allowable Ampacity

  • The allowable ampacity of this catalog is avalue at one in the air construction and the ambient temperature 30°C.
  • Allowable ampacity is calculated based on JCS0168.
  • Please multiply the following correction coefficient by the ambient temperature.

●Adjustment factors(at ambient temperature)

Oil resistance

※A~C in the table indicate the characteristics below.

  • A:There is no problem on practical use at all.
  • B:Deterioration slightly no problem almost on practical use.
  • C:It is sometimes deteriorated to some degree, and not possible to use it.

Standard sales length

(Sale by cutting short length is available Min.5 cores.)