C3/RV-90 LF


Factory wiring (control wiring)



Heat resistance ★★★★
Oil resistance ★★★
Noise resistance
Flame resistance ★★★
Flexibility ★★
non-migratory ★★★★
Transport property

Characteristics above are only as reference


  • Equipment in the wiring for the heat-resistant vinyl wire.


  • Product that corresponds to CCC attestation.
  • It passes GB standard(GB/T18380) vertical test※.
  • CE marking.
  • It suits Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law.

※Refer to JIS C3665(IEC60332-1)for the test method.

Construction figure

Surface marking


・Black, white, red, yellow, blue and Y/G.
※Y/G indicates green core with yellow stripe (30~50%)

Construction table

Allowable ampacity

  • The allowable ampacity of this catalog is a value at one in the air construction and the ambient temperature 30°C.
  • Allowable ampacity is calculated based on JCS0168.
  • Please multiply the following correction coefficient by the ambient temperature and the cable-laying conditions, etc.

●Adjustment factors (at ambient temperature)

●Adjustmentfactors (for multiple-line laying)

Standard sales length

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